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Invest in Gedeo Zone!

Gedeo zone has a total area of 1347 square kilometer & it lies at an altitude ranging from 1350 to 3000 m.a.s.1. Regarding the agro- climatic zone of the region, out of the total area of zone, weynadega shares 67.53%, dega 32.41%, and kola shares 0.6%. The mean annual temperature of the zone ranges between 12.6-22.5°C and the mean annual rainfall ranges between 1001-1800 mm. The total population of the zone is 843928 (2007) it is a densely populated area in the region with a population density of 626.5 in habitants per Kilometer Square.
The zone is sub divide in to six woredas. Namely, wonago kocher
With regard to land – use, 80% is cultivated 19% Grazing land & 1% is covered forest and other. Dilla is the administrative & trading center of the zone located at a distance of 359 km south of Addis Ababa & it lies at an altitude of 1800 m.a.s.1. The mean annual temperature of the town is 30.2°C, and the mean annual rainfall is 1333.1 mm. The main highway that stretches from Addis Ababa to Moyale Town (which borders the country with the northern Kenya) passes across Dilla town.
To promote the involvement of the private sector in industrial investments 50 hectares of land is demarcated as industrial zone at the western border of the town. Of which 40 hectares of land is facilitated with basic infrastructure services such as a telephone line, road access, and electricity and water supply system. In general the town fulfills all infrastructure services that are of great importance for the efficient operation of the private sector and the integration in to the domestic as well as the global market.

Why Invest in Gedeo Zone

Conducive Climate
• Reliable Rain Fall
• Fertile Soil Types & Fertile land Area not yet developed
• Perennial Rivers
• Industry zone is demarcated (56.6ha in Dilla & 125 in Yirgachefe)
• Known for high volume of coffee Production
• Has ample land for irrigated agriculture
• Infrastructure facility is available
• Availability of LaborIt produces crops the can be used marketed and used as an input for various industries
• Demand for social services has not yet been fulfilled as the size of the population is so large & the supply so small
• Many tourist attractions like hot springs
• Availability of Mineral Water

Feasible Investment Activities for both Domestic & Foreign investors

Coffee, Fruits, Animal Feed, sugar cane, Animal Farming, Fattening, Dairy Farming, Apiculture, Civet Farming, Oil Crops
Sisal Products, Sugar Factory, Bamboo Products, Meat Factory, Soap Factory, Fruit Processing, Coffee Roasting & Packing, Milk & Milk Products Processing, Mineral Water Packing, Tannery.
Social & Others Services
Higher Clinics
• Junior & Secondary Schools
• Technical & Vocational School
• Health Facilities
• Star Hotels
• Recreation Facilities


Industrial Projects Studied By IPS
Project Profile
Potential Woreda
Mineral Water Wonago Dilla
Lemon Grass Oil Kochore Chelelektu
Pine Oil Bule Bule
Rosin Bule Bule
Cattle Slaughtering House Wonago Dilla
Grape Juice Kochore Chelelektu
Leather Sandals & Chapals Wonago Dilla
Leather Trunks, Suitcases, & travel goods Yirgachefe, Kochore Yirgachefe, Chelelektu
Leather Upholstery Wonago Dilla
Spade & Shovels Yirgachefe Yirgachefe
Filter Aid Wonago Dilla
Register, Account Book, Order & Receipt Books Wonago Dilla
Abrasive Cloth/emery cloth Wonago Dilla
Blanket Wonago Dilla
Embroidery Thread Wonago Dilla
Gloves & Mittens Wonago Dilla
Silk Fabrics Wonago Dilla
Socks & Stockings Wonago Dilla
Umbrella Wonago Dilla
Women Suit Wonago Dilla
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