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Hawassa City

Invest in Hawassa City!

Awassa town is the capital city of the Southern Nation Nationalities and Peoples' Regional State located at the eastern shore of lake awassa 275 km. south of Addis Ababa . It lies at an elevation of 1680 masl and has a plain topography. The city, which is the economic and cultural hub of the region, has a total area of about 50 km2 divided in to 8 sub-towns (kifle ketema) and 32 kebeles. The total population of the town (in 2008) is estimated about 300 thousand . The town full fills all infrastructural facilities vital for any type of investment.

Comparative Advantages of the City

• The strategic location of the city along the international high way of Addis Abeba - Moyale;
• Availability of well developed social and economic infrastructure facilities such as modern telecommunication , electric power, higher education and financial institutions, etc.
• The presence of abundant, easily trainable and inexpensive labour force in the city and surrounding rural area;
• An ideal transit spot for tourists;
• The presence of Textile, Sisal, Ceramics and Flour Factories.

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