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Invest in Kembata Tembaro Zone!

Kembata tembaro zone covers a total area of 1523.6 sq. km. and for administrative purpose it is divided in to 7 woredas , namely ,Doyogena, Angacha, Hadero & tunto zuriya, Tembaro, Gieyota, Kedida gamela, and Kacha bira woreda. The astronomical location of the zone is between latitude 7.10 –7.5 0 and 37.34-38.07 longitude. Topographically, the zone lies between an elevation ranges of 501-3000 meters above sea level. The total population of the is estimated about 768.3 thousand (2007) and has a population density of 504.3 inhabitant per square kilometer.
The zone has three agrological zones , sharing Dega 13.7%, Weynadega 71.17% and Kolla 11.14%. The annual average temperature of the zone ranges from 126-27.5 o Celsius and the annual average rain fall ranges between 1001-1400 mm. Of the total land, 75.23 percent is a cultivated land, 6.19 percent is grazing land, 6.73 percent covered by bush and forest, 3.41 percent cultivable, 3.11 percent uncultivable and the remaining 5.31 percent is covered by others. Durame town is located at a distance of about 350 km away from Addis Ababa and has all infrastructure facilities that are decisive for the implementation and operation industrial undertakings.

Why Invest in Kembata Tembaro Zone

Availability of Tourist attractions like big mountains, falls, wild animals, & the likes
• Availability of Mineral water in 10 hectare area (Fulame)
• Availability of Construction & Industrial Raw materials
• Availability of Human Resource
• Demand for social & other services is not yet fulfilled

Feasible Investment Activities for both Domestic & Foreign investors

• Spice (Ginger), Cereals (pea)
• Coffee Roasting & Packing, spice Processing, Food Complex, Blocks & Tube Production
Social & Others Services
• Health & Education Services, KG, long & Short term Training Institutions, Mineral water, wholesale trade, Marketing Center Lodges, Resort Hotels, Star Hotels, Grocery, Pensions, Transport Services, Restaurants & Cafe Services, Modern Bakery, Recreation Centers, Supermarkets,


Industrial Projects Studied By IPS
Project Profile
Potential Woreda
Biodiesel Omo sheleko Mudula
Non edible olive oil Angacha Angacha
Soya bean oil (non edible) Kedida Gamella Durame
Cattle feed Omosheleko Mudula
Seed processing for cereals Kachabira Shenshico
Biodiesel Omo sheleko Mudula
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